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BFL Mini Hydro

 In the global hydropower market, small hydro is emerging as the future. BFLis a world leader in the small hydro arena, having cultivated an extremely satisfied global customer base. We have designed manufactured and commissioned hydropower plants on every continent. The hydro turbine is based on a simple concept. It converts the potential energy of water flowing against it into mechanical (rotational) energy.

The turbine is connected to the generator, converting this rotational energy into electric power. As such, the turbine is the heart of the hydropower plant. BFL has access to the world's most advanced, environmentally friendly hydro turbine technologies, which have no adverse effect on the environment.

BFL has designed, manufactured and commissioned small hydro power plants in almost every continent. BFL makes virtually every kind of small Hydro-plant -4, 5 and 6 blade Kaplan machines; from 1-2 MW run-of-river schemes to 60 MW in a single power house with tunnelling and large water conductor systems.

A hydro turbine for every application
Hydropower turbines are classified based on head height, or the height of the fall of water. There are low-, medium- and high-head turbines. They are also classified as having a vertical or horizontal orientation. BFL incorporates state-of-the-art turbine technology into every small hydro plant we produce—four-, five- and six-bladed Kaplan machines, Francis machines, and two-through-six-jet Pelton machines. These applications range from 1-2 megawatt run-of-river schemes to 60 megawatts in a single powerhouse with tunneling and large water conductor systems

Rift Valley Machinery Limited is the only authorized Company to represent BFL in Kenya by taking care of all business related to Small Hydro Power Sector in the Country.

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