Lister Petter Engines
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Lister Engines

Rift Valley Machinery Services Stock Lister engines from England. The Engines are known for their tough build and are made to endure harsh conditions.

The Lister Petter engines come in two main variants; TR and LPW range

TR Range of Lister Engines

  • TR1 Single Cylinder 12 Horse power
  • TR2 Twin Cylinder 24 Horse power
  • TR3 Triple Cylinder 36 Horse power

The diesel powered TR range features an air cooled engine and an option between electric and hand start. The engine can be used to drive concrete mixers, conveyor belts and can also be coupled to water pumps to pump water and to alternators to generate power.

LPW Range of Lister Engines

  • LPW2 Twin Cylinder 10 Horse power
  • LPW3 Triple Cylinder 16 Horse power
  • LPW4 Four Cylinder 20 Horse power

The diesel powered LPW range of feature a water cooled, electric start engine. The engine is used to generate power.

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